Michael Kaminsky

I'm a designer and programmer who is interested in machine learning, digital art, and security

I'm a junior at MIT, studying computer science. Much of the work I've done has to do with education, from mentoring high school students as they completed machine-learning projects to writing code to analyze how students at MIT complete programming assignments.

Machine Learning: Keras, Tensorflow, Caffe, MXNet, Mathematica

Backend: Python, Java, Node.js, C++

Frontend: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Jquery


Wolfram Research (2018)

I worked in the Advanced Research Group implementing models from papers and repositories in Mathematica for using in the Wolfram Neural Network Repository. This let me work with many different machine learning frameworks and get experience with production-quality models.
Neural Network Repository

Wolfram Summer Camp (Summer 2018)

Mentored a group of high school students create projects using the Mathematica machine learning package, such as a music genre classifier, a model to detect pneumonia in lung x-rays, and a voice emotion classifier.
Student Projects

MIT Material Science Department (2017)

Worked to develop tools and algorithms to allow professors to analyze how students complete programming assignments in Mathematica, as part of CodeSeal. Current, this is being used in the MIT physics department
Wolfram Technology Conferences Presentation

Aerodyne Research (2016-Present)

Developed the frontend and backend for the ARISense low-cost air pollution sensor networks. These sensors have been set up across the world, and I created a web and API interface to make the data easily accessible to researchers and the public
Pollution Map
Published Paper



A low-poly image creator written with Node.js and Electron


A realtime collaborative code editor for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. At its peak, had 20,000 monthly uses. In total, more than 300,000 individual users visited the site.
Main Site(Google Drive Realtime API Deprecated)


A set of hardening scripts for Ubuntu developed for the CyberPatriot cybersecurity competition.


A documentation browser created using Node-webkit and Node.js.


An Imgur browser in the terminal.